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About Us | Abundant Art


Protima Chatterjee (Founder & Creative Director)

Protima Chatterjee is the founder and creative director of Abundant Art. She is a regular contributor with her previews and reviews of the latest events in the London arts scene. Following hercreative passion to make a lasting impact in the community, particularly amongst the young people, Protima founded“Abundant Art UK” in 2012 as a multi-arts artzene featuring reviews, previews, and interviews. Following her ambition to make a lasting impact on arts heritage she launched a new segment in Abundant Art focussing on heritage projects. The first heritage project launched in 2018 with a funding awarded from the National Heritage Lottery. The project successfully completed in 2020 with its final product, the film ‘A Meeting of Cultures’ which has been nominated for the Chicago Indie Film awards and The London Lift Off Film Festival 2020.2018 also saw the birth of Abundant Art Gallery, a sister company focussing on fine artswhich promotes emerging young and established artists globally.

Protima is a trained dancer and arts journalist. She continues her work as a performer, choreographer, and dance teacher. She has a degree in English literature and is a post-graduate in mass communications and journalism. Protima evolved into an art entrepreneur directing Abundant Art as a company and directing the multi-faceted arts projects that Abundant Art conceptualises and delivers. She has further developed her career to branch out into film-making with her directorial debut ‘A Meeting of Cultures’.

Protima says ‘I believe Art brings meaningful purpose to life and creates positive thinking which helps achieve in every field. Through Abundant Art we aim to instil artistic passion and creative skills into our communities, especiallythe younger generation and aid their creative development into the artists of tomorrow.

Combined with our aspiration of preserving artistic heritage we strive to motivate and inspire young people to be confident achievers personally and professionally leading them to appreciate the importance of art and their own cultural heritage.

Sara Daniels (former contributor)

Sara has been interested and involved in the world of dance since early childhood and has pursued this interest to degree level and beyond. She studied dance at Roehampton College. University of Surrey to degree level and then to Post Graduate level at the Royal Academy of Dance where she gained her Certificate of Education. She has been working in the world of Dance and Education for the last nine years. Sara has currently taken up a new position at Sadler's Wells as learning and engagement officer.

About Abundant Art

Abundant Art focused on performing arts delivered through our aertzene, workshops, performances, film making and heritage programs.

We continue to bring a thriving multi-faceted cultural and entertainment scene to our audience through our e-mag. We started Abundant Art as an online journal with previews, reviews and interviews of various performances and presentations creating multicultural awareness of artistic collaboration and cultural heritage. The idea is also to create a dialogue between the artists and their audience through our social media channels. We also aim to rediscover and preserve artistic heritage which is at risk and reconnect people with lost and forgotten heritage. Through our projects, we encourage understanding heritage in a contemporary context and transform it into a living experience carrying it forward to the younger generation. We strive to make artistic heritage accessible and relevant to people in the most suitable way. We have recently expanded to film/documentary making, meaningful cinema that will make a difference to people’s lives.

Why Abundant Art-Our story

In today’s world when people have little time to pause and reflect and connect meaningfully with others, art and culture is the catalyst in changing attitudes amplifying connections. It can help us rediscover our roots, connect with local communities and reignite the desire to achieve. Connecting with art or doing something creative improves mental health and the feeling of well-being. Art inspires people to realize the beauty within and all around. We aim to tap into that positive energy generated through art.

With this in mind we created Abundant Art and Abundant Art gallery to allow bright young minds to access this transformative space and enrich their lives, even take up art and culture-based creative careers, and at the aggregate level drive social and community impact.

About Abundant Art Gallery

In 2018 Abundant Art branched out to fine arts and launched Abundant Art gallery – an online curated art gallery focusing on promoting contemporary art. We produce original artworks (paintings and sculptures) through art camps and promote them through our online gallery to collectors and art lovers. We also curate physical exhibitions.

Through our social media channels, we look at bringing fine artists from all styles to share their work and initiate discussions about the art world collectively.

We aim to focus on artists from diverse communities, backgrounds, and demographics to create new opportunities. To identify, inspire and support them with required resources to produce artworks. We have a unique model where following selections we commission the artwork through art camps organised by Abundant Art. Proceeds from sales are shared with the artists after we cover our costs.

The gallery had started off with Indian Art working across borders creating a link between Indian artists and international audience. Our strategy was to focus on one area to begin with as a learning pad. As Indian art/artists is an area we have been connected to prior abundant art gallery we felt confident to start with that genre. Creating a track record as a gallery over the last two years has helped us attract interest from local artists to join our workforce. We now have a planned strategy to extend to the UK artist base, which we could not respond to at the beginning of the year due to the Covid outbreak. This has posed major setbacks to our sustainability as a gallery as we have been forced to halt our new plans to expand our spectrum.


visit for Indian Paintings, Sculptures and Photographs online. Shipping to any destination in USA, Europe and Asia. Packages are usually despatched within 2 days after receipt of payment. Most parcels are shipped using DHL.


Amala Shankar- Goddess Parvati personified (1919-2020)

Mavin Khoo & Temple of Fine Arts at Darbar Festival 2019, Sadler’s Wells, 25 Nov

Bon Voyage,Bob by Alan Lucien Øyen with Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch – 22-25 Feb Sadlers Wells


Multi award winning choreographer Mark Baldwin OBE speaks about his journey with ‘Inala’ on its West End Premiere at the Peacock

Nafisah Baba, winner of BBC Young Dancer 2017-exclusive interview with Abundant Art in the run up to Sadler’s Wells Sampled-2 & 3 February 2018.

‘Art is in constant oscillation and research. It’s human nature to want evolution. Dance is no different’…..Zenaida Yanowsky, Former Principal of The Royal Ballet in conversation- in the run up to Sadler’s Wells Sampled – 2 & 3 February 2018


Chandalika – The Tale of Trodden – A unique SOLO dance theatrical production by Suchismita Ganguly, 15 Sept 2019, The Bhavan

Revisiting Tagore’s musical play ‘Land of Cards’ – Workshop series presented by Baithak Uk and Sasha Ghoshal, 2018-2019

This winter, three acclaimed productions from English National Ballet, Nutcracker / Swan Lake / Manon London Coliseum 13 December 2018 – 20 January 2019